"En gammel skole sjakk program"

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Installing the Embla chess program in the Arena chess board software

Install downloaded Embla in windows

  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the Embla zip-file to:

  • Click with the right mouse-button on the zip-file and click on "copy" in the menu that pops up:

  • Navigate to c:\program files\, select the folder (left mouse button) and in the menu-bar at the top of the window click on edit and then on paste:

  • Windows may complain that you need administrator rights for this action. Click then on continue:

  • Windows then copies the Embla program which looks like this:

  • Embla may be of a different version (e.g. different from 0.9.2-w64) but that should not matter.

    Install Embla in Arena

    • First install and start Arena.

    • Under "engines" select "install new engine":

    • Then select Embla.exe from the location where you installed/copied it:

    • Embla talks UCI, not xboard so select UCI here:

    • After that Arena asks if you want to start Embla, choose "yes":

    • By default Arena resigns when the score reaches a certain value, please disable this under "engines" -> "manage":

    • Uncheck the resign option:

    • Click on "OK" and Arena and Embla are ready for a game of chess!