"En gammel skole sjakk program"

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Installing the Embla chess program in the SCID chess board software on a Mac

It is assumed that you already installed SCID for Mac.

  • From the Embla website, download the file ending in .dmg:

  • When the .dmg file was downloaded, open it:

  • An icon called "Embla" appears on the desktop. Open this (click on it).

  • A window appears. Drag the Embla icon in it in the applications-window (you can find the applications-window via the finder):

  • Click on the SCID window while keeping the ctrl-key pressed. Then click open:

  • Ignore the warning:

  • Select "tools" and then "analysis engines":

  • Click the "new" button:

  • In the first field (the "name" field) enter "Embla". Then click browse and go to the "Applications" folder:

  • In that folder select Embla:

  • The result looks like:

  • Click Ok and then you will see Embla is in the list:

  • To play a game, click in the menu-bar on "Play" and then on "Computer - UCI engine":

  • Select "Embla". Set think-time etc:

  • Play a game: