IP address: (pd9fvh.ampr.org), there should be a telnet BBS and NTP server (with a GPS behind it) on that IP address. Not yet connected to hamnet via "air" but via openvpn.

Server-PC running the VM (=virtual machine) with the hamnet openvpn endpoint:

2m/70cm system

Again that BBS :-) Not yet up, still collecting gear.


On the roof of my garage, there's a plastic box with a Raspberry Pi 1B3B in it. Attached to it are two cheap RTL-compatible SDR dongles with antennas outside the box. The antennas are placed on a large, old 19 inch rackserver pc (so a lot of metal). In the box there's also temperature sensors connected to the raspberry. One of the SDR dongles is used for the APRS gateway.

Altough it got quite cold and hot in that box over the year, the box still works after more than a year (to my surprise).

27MHz/11m system

For a couple of years I am running a telnet BBS (the same as the hamnet BBS) reachable on channel 24, 27.235MHz near Gouda, The Netherlands. Call sign: FH9GOU-1

Transceiver: Danita 640
Modem: TNC-PI on a Raspberry Pi 1B

The Raspberry Pi functions as a virtual serial port, all the software runs in a VM on the same PC as on which hamnet comes in. Note that this is a different VM that cannot reach the hamnet node.

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