chess programs

These programs require a "chessboard-program" (like xboard) to work with.

They are listed in reversed order of creation.

CaffeinatedPawn logo   CaffeinatedPawn - [2021] written in Java, uses ChessLib

micah logo   Micah - [2019] written in C++, uses libchess

feeks logo   Feeks - [2017] written in Python, uses (python-)chess

embla logo   Embla - [2017] written in C++, based on QueenBee

dbp logo   DeepBrutePos - [2008] written in Java (regular alpha/beta search)

POS logo   POS - [2006] written in Java: not brute force, rules based instead

cpp1 logo   cpp1 - [1999] my first chess-program in c++

bullucks logo   bullucks - [1996] first successfull (+/-) attempt for writing a chess program

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