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Constatus - 3D

Constatus can also stream 3D content (stereoscopic video).

In this example I used:

configuration for constatus

See this example configuration-file.

When the König camera is plugged in, you'll see 2 /dev/video devices. One for the left camera, one for the right camera. You may need to change the "device=" parameters in the example.

In the example the two König cameras are configured and a view. The view is where the two cameras are combined in one stream. When you open the stream in the webbrowser, you will see 1 image with the 2 cameras combined:

Constatus will listen on port 8070, so in your browser go to http://localhost:8070/

In your (chrome-)browser, click on the 3 dots and select "Cast...". There select your own chromecast.

Don't forget to select "full screen" in Constatus.

Then press the '3D' button on the TV-remote and select "side-by-side" in the configuration-menu.

When you leave the menu, the TV will start producing a 3D image. You will need to put on the special glasses (don't forget to switch them on).

Note that the effect is not very strong with this camera.

TV-set without 3D enabled:

3D enabled but without the glasses:

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You can also get the 3D effect with those "red/green glasses":

For this, replace packing = "side-by-side"; by packing = "red-green"; in 3D.cfg.

alternative for the König camera

If you have 2 equal cameras, then that's also an option. Set them up 9cm from each other pointing in the same direction:

In this test I used two "Philips PCVC740K ToUcam Pro" cameras. I configured Constatus for red/blue output.