Clewarecontrol lets you control the USB-devices made by Cleware GmbH.
You can measure the temperature or humidity, switch on and off and configure switches, control the watchdog, etc.
List of their products: click here.

Some of the devices supported (clewarecontrol supports all Cleware devices, these are just examples):
16 port I/O adapter Status display Temperature/humidity sensor Watchdog/switch
0d50:0030 0d50:0008 0d50:0010/0d50:0020 0d50:0008
Accu controller Warning light 4 ports power switch 8 ports power switch
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What you'll find in the tgz-file

The package consists of 'clewaretool' - the tool to manage the Cleware devices under Linux.
Also you'll find in the 'examples'-directory a couple of scripts:


Please note that a Linux kernel of at least version 2.6.8 is required.
Download link:clewarecontrol-5.0.tgz

Frequently asked questions

Values retrieved are invalid

Occasionally the values retrieved are invalid. E.g. a temperature of 170 degrees and such. In that case you can reset the device (might need to reset it multiple times!) and then it'll work.
clewarecontrol -ar

Using the 'ampel' (traffic light) device

You might think you need to use the -al commandline parameter to toggle each light. That is not correct. The ampel-device in reality acts as a switch. So you need to use the -as commandline parameter. E.g.:
clewarecontrol -as 2 0
clewarecontrol -as 0 1
In the example above, the first command (the one toggling switch '2') switches off the green lights while the second command switches on light '0' which are the red lights.
You can interface the ampel device to Nagios using NagAmp.

Using the humidity sensors

That happens when the device was not started. In that case, run clewarecontrol with the -ag commandline parameter. After that you can run clewarecontrol with the -rh parameter as often as you like. E.g.:
clewarecontrol -ag
clewarecontrol -rh
Please note that after a power toggle you need to restart the device again before you can use it.

For contact info, see this page.

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