O2OO is a (OBD-II compliant) car diagnostic tool. It reads sensor data from a car into an sqlite database. It can dump the measured values, generate graphs of the data and create a spreadsheetfile (tested with Libre Office and Excel 2010). That way you can analyse the behaviour of your car. O2OO can also produce a PDF-file with more indept data. This program should work with all cars made after 1996 (US) or 2001 (EU).
O2OO can also retrieve the location from a GPS module and store it in the same database.

For O2OO to run you need an ELM327 adapter (which interfaces the CAN-bus of your vehicle to something a laptop understands enabling it to execute OBD2 commands). For GPS you need, of course a GPS which outputs standard NMEA "sentences" on a serial/usb/etc. port.


Current version: O2OO-0.9.tgz



These two graphs were made during a small trip around the neighbourhood: lots of stops and accellerations.
engine RPM
engine load


Since version 0.3, O2OO is able to generate PDFs with all measurements graphed and some extra descriptive information. An example can be viewed here.

spreadsheet output

Version 0.4 can also produce microsoft office xml files which can be read with at least microsoft excel 2010 and libre office 3.4.6. Example:

user interface of data-collector

Please note that the data in this screendump is from the (built-in) OBD2- and GPS-emulators.
The part above the white line are measured values, the part below the line is OBD2/GPS/SQL logging.

KML in Google Maps

This no longer works. The KML-output is still there but Google Maps (at least the free version) no longer supports overlaying a map with kml data.

Example raw data

Example test-data: example-0.4.db


For notes regarding the usage of this program, see this page.


For contact info, see this page.