game of life

Using pyncraft in spigot I created a small game-of-life python-script for minecraft:

The result looks like (6 frames only):

MIDI sequencer

This script ( is a MIDI percussion sequencer in minecraft.

When it runs, it draws a panel in which you can put blocks to indicate that a certain instrument must be played at a certain time.

The sounds are played via a local MIDI synthesizer (e.g. fluidsynth). For that you need to connect to the input-port of fluidsynth or of a physical midi port. This can be accomplished using with for example patchage.


The torch indicates the start of the sequence and the 'glow stone' is the current position in the sequence (the one being played).

On Youtube there is a preview.

a fancy clock

The three bright blocks tell you the hour, minutes and seconds (real time):


My server can be reached via (go to 'multiplayer' and enter this for the address, should work for java and bedrock). To see who's on-line, check here and to see a map check here.


This thing shows the location of the players in my minecraft-server.

The dots visualize the position of each player versus a reference player (called "McAutoBot123" (a bot indeed)). Their color indicate how fast they’re moving (white is stationary).

It also announces new users.

This thing is build-up of a HUB-75 64x32 pixel display, an ESP32 and 2,5A powersupply (should be enough for 30+ players) and a letterbox. In the ESP there’s a program which receives pixelflood/pixelflut packets via udp over wifi. On the (minecraft-)server side there’s a python script which renders frames and sends those to the box.

For contact info, see this page.