What it is

This program is (C) 2009 by and was released under GPL version 2.

This Java program generates a script for Povray. It calculates the 3D Mandelbrot-fractal as designed by Daniel White. Daniel's site is at:
It will calculate a hollow one; if you e.g. cut some of it away (by e.g. limiting the z-direction, see *1), you'll see it is hollow.

Please note that while this program hardly uses any memory, it the povray-renderer does. If you would like to optimize this program, start by replacing the box { ... } by a mesh { ... }.

You might want to adapt the first nine final declared variables like width/height, order, x1/y1 etc. Also the texture might be worth looking at.
Compile with
Invoke with
java Fractal3DMandDW > Fractal3DMandDW.pov
After that you can delete the "testdw.bitmap" file as it is entirely temporarily.
Render the pov-file with e.g.:
 povray +W800 +H600 +A0.1 +FN16 +I Fractal3DMandDW.pov
This will procude Fractal3DMandDW.png which should be viewable with all picture viewers and webbrowsers.

Download link


Please note that these are the results of the very first experiments. By correcting lighting and texture-settings etc. they could be enhanced greatly!

First experiment: whole fractal rendered

Third experiment: cut off half of it

Fourth experiment: glass texture

Fith experiment: glass texture with green background

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