What does it do?

mboxstats creates several top-10 lists from a file containing message in mbox-format.
List of top10 lists:
It outputs a formatted text-file or XML output.


For a preview, visit: http://keetweej.vanheusden.com/linkern.txt.


If you have a suggestion for more statistics, please mail them: folkert@vanheusden.com!


3.1:Fixed a segfault which odd enough should happen every run but didn't
3.0:Added nummer of messages per year
2.9:Fixed a segmentationfault (negative index) in the quick-replyers-top-list
2.8:Some XML fixes and one can now automatically add urls
2.6:New statistics: total size of attachments, top quoters end start/end of subject timestamp (XML output only)
2.5:Fixed average response time calculation (now also takes care of timezones), fixed XML output, optimized for more speed and added a list with the top-quick-replyers.
2.4:Added more new statistics: bussiest day in the whole period, fixed average line length fixed layout of timestamp, how many msgs were a reply, average response time, list of urls, number of pgp signed messages
2.3:calculating the number of information bits per byte is now optional, this speeds things up 4x! When your mail is checked by spamassassin, mboxstats now can also give stats on the spam-ness of messages. Fixed calculation of date of first and last message.
2.2:lots of fixes to the XML output, made it 20% faster, added new statistics
1.5:mboxstats now handles weird mailbox-formats more gracefully
1.4:made 64-bit safe: now also works correctly with files > 2GB
1.3:also runs on MacOS X
1.2:no longer needs fvhlib
1.1:organisation was corrupted
1.0:another small bugfix
0.95:adds per-user statistics
0.94:adds messages/timezone statistics
0.92:is slightly faster. it fixes a couple of division-by-zero errors, adds more statistics and output has a more estatic layout
0.91:adds support for maildirs and fixes a bug where the last messages ignored
0.9:now correctly handles multiple addresses in to and cc-fields.
0.8:correctly sorts e-mail addresses.
0.7:fixes a bug which caused invalid date-fields to crash the program.
0.6:is an almost complete rewrite: reading & processing of messages is now a lot smarter. Also a lot of new statistics have been added (not all listed above).


Download link:mboxstats-3.0.tgz

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