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computer stuff

Web services

  • Ping/DNS lookups/traceroute
    Several network utillities available in a webform.
  • Query game server
    Retrieve status of a/your game server (quake/unreal/etc.).
  • Query NTP server
    At this page one can check if their NTP server is reachable over the internet.
  • NTP
    www.vanheusden.com runs a freely available NTP server.
  • Quert whois information
    Do a reverse lookup, a DNS query, whois on ip, a ping and a traceroute.
  • folkert.php
    The firstname 'Folkert' is pretty unique in its kind. In this page you'll find more information on this powerfull name.
  • random_redirector.php
    Everyone has had that feeling of "where to go to on the net". You've seen pretty much all of the internet. This page will help you: it'll automatically redirect you to a random location on the internet.
  • random tinyurl-redirector
    Like the random-director page; but this one uses TinyURL.


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