Bitcoin statistics


Don't use them as a guide for investing etc.

Prices are in US dollars unless stated differently.


Latest recorded price: 20132 (2022-09-27 16:14:00).

Price aprox. 24 hours ago: 18745 (2022-09-25 23:59:44), so current price is 7.4% ▲.

Average of the last 24 hours: 19371.23, median: 18746.

data used

Basically a graph of the last 7 days (upto 2022-09-27).

data used


This graph shows the prices from last week linearly extrapolated.

linear graph


This graph shows the prices from last week polynomial extrapolated (4 degree).

polynomial graph

facebook prophet

This graph shows the prices from last week extrapolated using facebook prophet.

Blue line is the forecasted price, light blue shows in what range the price could be in. Black is what the price really was.

prophet graph

prophet component graphs

pattern matching

The graph of yesterday has the highest correlation coefficient (0.8) compared with 2022-07-15 :

If that means anything, then the price-graph for today could look like:

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