ping test


I was curious how network-components in switches/routers influence timing. That should easily be testable with NTP but I decided on a different path using the regular 'ping' command.


What I did is I ping several hosts in my local lan. I ping them 100k times and then calculate the Allan deviation over the results.

My test program ( determines a sane ping interval (depending on how much it takes to ping the host-under-test). Then it pings the host-under-test exactly on each interval and keeps track of the local timestamp of when the ping-reply is received.

These measurements together with the interval are fed to AllanTools.


My test program is written in python and can be obtained via this link:

To run, you need a couple of packages installed; they are listed at the top of the program.


plot of the LAN I tested in

first pingable host: "meterkast"

Clock on the picture to zoom in.


Clock on the picture to zoom in.

"backbone switch"

Clock on the picture to zoom in.

"internet gateway"

Clock on the picture to zoom in.


A vps somewhere on the internet.

Clock on the picture to zoom in.

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