VMware tips & tricks

Windows 2000 server in a VM: keeps rebooting due to "new hardware"

  • boot into "safe mode" and disable "plug and play" service, reboot
  • boot into "normal mode"
  • logging in takes now around 5-10 minutes (or maybe longer)
  • install vmware tools and reboot
  • boot into "safe mode" and enable the "plug and play" service again and reboot

VMware Workstation: increase size of virtual disk

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 40Gb vm.vmdk
40Gb is the new size of the virtual disk.
vm.vmdk is the virtual disk meta-file; the text-file containing the string "# Disk DescriptorFile".

VMware 2.5: cannot stop VM

Solution 1

When you cannot stop a vm from the web-interface nor via the console, login to the system using ssh. Then:
ps -auxwww | grep -i NAME_OF_VM
Find the PID and kill -9 pid.

Solution 2

Get a list of VM id's:
vm-support -x
kill the VM:
vm-support -X VMID

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