What is it?

NBD-Server is a program for sharing an image of a filesystem or a partition on your system with an Linux system over a network.
This nbd-server can run on a Microsoft Windows system. It has been tested on windows 2000 and windows XP.
For more details on NBD, see the sourceforge page: nbd.SourceForge.net.

Example uses

Start nbdsrvr from a commandline prompt or through a shortcut with parameters:
nbdsrvr image.dat 9000
This starts the nbd-server. It then listens on portnumber 9000 for connections. Image.dat is a file which will contain the filesystem or swapdata of your Linux-system.
nbdsrvr \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 9000 2
This starts the nbdsrvr. Again it listens on portnumber 9000, but this time it shares partition 2 on the first physical disk in your windows system. The partitionnumber starts at 0. The physicaldrive-number (the number right behind '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE') defines the physical drive to share.
Download link:nbdsrvr-0.2.zip


Version 0.2: 64-bit filesystem support, support for sharing partitions
Version 0.1: initial release


 JNbd is a Java implementation of an NBD server, so it should run on all systems

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