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Q: F1 (and other function keys) do not work at all or as expected
A: yes they do: this problem has to do with terminal settings. e.g. for PuTTY connecting to AIX/Solaris/IRIX, the default "ESC[n~" should work fine, when connecting to Linux (slackware/debian), one needs "Xterm R6"

Q: when using the telnet-client from windows xp, the screen gets garbled
A: the window telnet client is severly limited. I advice you to use PuTTY

Q: the program fails then resizing the terminal-window
A: solution: upgrade ncurses to version 5.3 (or more recent)

Q: when I use the -l option on some program, I get nothing in the window
A: now that is strange! please tell me what program you're trying to interface to MultiTail.
please do: any help is appreciated!

Q: these 'regular expressions' look rather intimidating
A: have a look at the following website, it explains those regular expressions:

Q: it doesn't show any colors!
A1: please run testncurses to see if your terminal supports colors
A2: Solaris, IRIX or MacOS-X user? set 'TERM' to 'dtterm' first


The manual can be found here: manual.html


You can also use MultiTail to view logfiles on other hosts!
How? Like this:
multitail -l "ssh -t username@host tail -f file"
Q: but then I cannot enter the password!
A1: use authentication via keys
A2: or use "ssh-agent": then you only once have to enter your passphrase (so login once to that host manually, and then start MultiTail)
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