audio / video

constatus logo   constatus - video streaming/processing application

disthro DPF logo   disthro DPF - disthro DPF plugins (which translate to ladspa, vst, etc)

fynth icon   fynth - fynth is a MIDI synthesizer for pipewire

veltim icon   veltim - this program shows you the velocity and the timing of your music-keyboard playing (via MIDI)

software development

lock trace icon   lock_trace - calculates lock-times, finds double locks & unlocks (locking error checking)


httping logo   httping - ping an HTTP server on layer 7

multitail logo   multitail - display logfiles

MyIP icon   MyIP - IPv4 / IPv6 stack (with http-, vnc-, sip- and ntp server) which runs in userspace on linux

brain games

chess logo   chess - chess programs

go logo   baduk - baduk/go programs


electronics logo   electronics - electronics

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