virtual-usb logo   virtual-USB - A virtual USB stick for car infotainment systems

Magical555VCO logo   Magical555VCO - Eurorack synthesizer module based on the 555 timer

iESP logo   iESP - software iSCSI target for the ESP32

SAA1099p clock logo   SAA1099-clock - modulating the SAA1099 external clock frequency

wifi-activity logo   wifi-activity - a WiFi activity indicator

funcgen-scpi logo   funcgen-scpi - a simple function generator implementing the scpi protocol

mediocresaw logo   mediocresaw - a mediocre supersaw implementation

ESP32 synth logo   ESP32-MIDI - a minimum effort synthesizer

MSX blinkenlights logo   MSX-blinkenlights - MSX blinkenlights

mains measurer logo   Mains Measurer - measuring frequency and voltage of the mains

O2OO logo   O2OO - OBD-II analyzer

SM7901V logo   SM7901V - reading a SM7901V audio levels sensor from Python

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